Arcane Tempest Gun Mage Officer

Gun Mage officer during a battle

Arcane Tempest Gun Mage Officers are officers of the Gun mages of the order of the Arcane Tempest. As battles intrude on Cygnar, the Militant Order of the Arcane Tempest has stepped up to answer its nation’s call. Bringing an arsenal of arcane abilities together with deadly accurate magelock pistol fire, the order’s captains and their teams are highly prized for their versatile fire support.[1]

Though esteemed as officers, these specialized combatants rarely rise to higher command ranks, with many peerless veterans remaining at the rank of captain for most of their careers. A gun mage is expected to fight as long as he is able. It is typically only in old age or after suffering a crippling wound that one is elevated to the rank of major or rarely colonel, and even then he will most likely spend the duration of his service as an Arcane Tempest instructor. The most talented of the younger lieutenants and seasoned captains are chosen to lead elite teams of gun mages, often under the direct command of a warcaster. The Militant Order expends considerable resources to requisition warjacks for these veteran teams[1]

Research has demonstrated that experienced gun mages can prepare warjack ammunition to transmit arcane energy using the same techniques used to create rune bullets and the Arcane Tempest has trained a number of its officers to master this process. Unfortunately firing rune-carved ammunition often damages a ’jack’s weaponry as warjack armament is not constructed from the same alloy as magelocks. However a single battle usually does not render the weapons ineffective and the benefits can mean the difference between victory and defeat.[1]

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