Arcane Tempest Rifleman

An Arcane Tempest Rifleman take aim

Arcane Tempest Riflemen are Arcane Tempest Gun mages armed with long range Magelock rifles. These highly skilled marksmen represent an expansion of the armed might of the Militant Order of the Arcane Tempest. They are often deployed where more conventional support is either impractical or ineffective, to provide swift-moving firepower to gun mage units and other branches of the Cygnaran military. Armed with steely nerve, long-ranged magelock rifles, and witheringly effective combat magic, these professional soldiers operate autonomously to neutralize enemy officers or to help bring down hard targets.[1]

Arcane Tempest riflemen are drawn from both new recruits and those already serving in the militant order. Anyone with the will and raw talent can test as a rifleman, but many young recruits bristle at the arduous training process required to fashion them into military assets that can be relied upon in the field. Of the soldiers admitted into this highly selective program only one in five successfully completes the required training, making them a rarity even among the elite gun mages. In addition to the Arcane Tempest training they receive at the Strategic Academy, prospective riflemen undergo instruction from officers of the Cygnaran Reconnaissance Service and conduct field operations alongside CRS scouts both during and after training. Such experience has granted Arcane Tempest riflemen greater awareness when navigating battlefields, selecting appropriate firing positions, and identifying enemy forces attempting to move unseen.[1]

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