Avenger is a Heavy Warjack based on the Centurion chassis. Armed with an advanced seismic cannon, the Avenger is at the forefront of an ongoing contest of mechanikal innovation between Cygnar and its enemies. This cannon fires sophisticated projectiles that unleash a violent but localized earthquake upon impact. Roughly the size of a man’s head, each shell contains a complex arcanodynamic generator, a series of intricate and precisely arranged mechanikal rune plates, and a small alchemical detonator. Upon impact the detonator initiates an astonishing eruption of arcane force. The ground shakes with all the power of a mighty earthquake focused in a tiny area. Enemy combatants that manage to survive the explosion are hurled to the ground, dazed and disoriented and vulnerable.[1]

The Centurion chassis was originally developed to provide not only superior durability but also the mechanikal infrastructure and conduits needed to support advanced weapons such as its polarity shield. With suitable modifications, this platform proved ideal for the Avenger’s seismic cannon as well as its stun blade, which complements the cannon’s ability to disrupt enemy movement by stopping opposing warjacks cold. Although ’jack marshals and warcasters in training are eager for the opportunity to field the Avenger, it is almost exclusively entrusted to seasoned warcasters who have proven they will not squander its costly ammunition. Cygnar also takes great pains to recover key components of any Avengers that fall in battle to prevent enemies from reverse engineering its technological advances.[1]

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