With its advanced armament and heavily armored hull, Brickhouse is a veritable wall of steel. More than capable of enduring sustained assaults and holding vital positions on the battlefield, the warjack is just as eager to wade into enemy ranks to crush opposing warjacks with blows from its devastating power maul. No matter the situation, this bulwark of Cygnaran engineering is a welcome sight to its allies, particularly the Storm Knights fighting alongside Captain Elizabeth Maddox.[1]

Brickhouse began its service as a standard-issue Centurion under the command of Captain Maddox during the Caspia-Sul War. Fighting street to street through the Protectorate city of Sul in the final days of the conflict, Maddox strove to prove herself in her first major engagement. When she was ambushed by the Protectorate warcaster Thyra, Flame of Sorrow and a host of Daughters of the Flame, Maddox and her forces fought to the last. In the end the Centurion fell under the weight of numerous enemies, and Captain Maddox was captured. For a time the battered remains of the ’jack lingered on the battlefield. When a search party finally arrived to investigate Maddox’s disappearance, they discovered the wrecked machine and relocated it to Caspia.[1]

The warjack’s cortex and chassis had suffered significant damage in the battle. At first glance the cortex appeared unsalvageable, and it was placed in storage within the Cygnaran Armory in Caspia amid piles of other damaged equipment awaiting disassembly and reuse. A spark still lingered deep within this battered cortex, however, and four years later, while touring the armory following her return to Caspia after escaping from a Protectorate temple prison, Major Maddox sensed it. Disregarding the protests of the officers escorting her, Maddox followed the call of the cortex until she arrived at the facility in which her old Centurion was being stored. At her touch, the inert cortex leapt to life once more, heeding her call without hesitation. Maddox requested that a new custom chassis be built, and work began without delay on the warjack that would be called Brickhouse.[1]

Artificer General Nemo asked Master Mechanik Lassiter Polk of the Cygnaran Armory to have his best mechaniks build a machine that would be worthy of the warcaster who now stood as a powerful symbol for Cygnar’s military might and perseverance. Equipped with an experimental magno fist that can stop its opponents in their tracks, Brickhouse stands as an immovable obstacle between Maddox and those who would do her harm. Significant time and resources were invested in the construction of the chassis and the integration of advanced technologies into Brickhouse’s systems, and the remade warjack was delivered to Major Maddox only after her participation in the recent liberation of Riversmet. Since being reunited with its master, Brickhouse has proven fiercely protective of Maddox, and the pair are a force to be reckoned with on any battlefield.[1]

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