Caspia, the city of walls

Caspia also known as the "City of Walls" and known in ancient times as Calacia is the mighty capital of Cygnar. Caspia is a major historical city in Immoren with many bloody battles fought near its great gates and reminders of fighting can be seen in the city and is among the grandest of man’s works in Immoren.[1]

History Edit

The rise of these ascended gods marked the beginning of the Thousand Cities Era. After the Twins rose and crossed over to Urcaen—the realm of the gods and the afterlife of the dead—the shaping of mortal history was left once again to mortal hands. Like a stained glass window fallen from its casing to shatter on the ground, the map of western Immoren fractured. Citystates of various sizes arose, each with its own warlord or petty king. Tavern-born treaties and back-alley allegiances lasted only long enough to muster men-at-arms for countless murderous wars. [1]

Though warfare never ceased, the claims of kings began to consolidate as they seized the lands of their rivals and brought more people under their control. During this time Caspia expanded and experienced a flowering of thought and reason exemplified by the consecration of the Archcourt Cathedral in the Sancteum. Everything changed when a fleet of black ships fell upon the shores of Immoren. In these ships arrived the Orgoth who possessed a rapacious hunger for slaughter and enslavement.The once-warring tribes and towns of the Thousand Cities fought valiantly together for the first time, but the disorganized resistance failed to stop the invaders. The Orgoth consorted with dark powers. They boasted infernal magic and wielded weapons terrible beyond reckoning. Menite war priests and Morrowan battle chaplains brought the power of their gods and fought as best they could, but we were undone. The Orgoth subdued Immoren with rivers of blood in a slow but inexorable conquest consuming two centuries.[1]

Of all the cities, Caspia alone held them at bay, kept safe only by her towering walls. Despite this small victory, Caspian armies were soundly defeated every time they ventured forth to meet the Orgoth in battle.[1]

With the help of Dwarves massive colossals, towering, smoke-belching, steam-powered constructs that walked on legs of steel and wielded weapons so powerful even the gods would envy them were built in the factories of Caspia and over the next few years Orgoth fortresses fell to the rebellion,armies that brought together soldiers from each of the future Iron Kingdoms to fight alongside the colossals.[1]

References Edit

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