Charger is a light warjack used by Cygnar .More Chargers have rolled off Cygnaran factory assembly lines and been hammered together in far-flung steamjack shops than any other light warjack in history. Commanders continue to rely on the Charger to bring versatility to the modern battlefield. This mainstay remains a dependable element stationed at nearly every forward post of the army. An improvement on the old reliable Talon, its immediate predecessor, the newer ’jack retains the Talon’s powerful pistons and compact steam engine capable of driving it forward at surprising speeds. In addition, a number of subtle upgrades to the leg and hip components afford the Charger greater articulation, which enables it to react more quickly to threats in combat. Its cannon utilizes the reloading assembly originally developed for the Defender’s heavy barrel but adds a recoil-based mechanism that helps reload the second cannon barrel for another shot.[1]

The combination of a powerful and reasonably accurate light dual cannon and a heavy battle hammer allows this ’jack to operate with equal ease at range or in close melee. Many journeyman warcasters have cut their teeth with Chargers, sending them forward to blast shells into oncoming infantry and support the advance of heavier warjacks.[1]

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