Field Mechaniks

Field Mechanik and Gobber

Field Mechaniks act as battlefield engineers for Cygnar. Armor gets mangled, Firearms misfire and Warjacks break down. Any of these things could spell doom to a battlefield commander if it were not for the mechaniks who brave the combat zone. These staunch soldiers dive into the midst of battle wearing little in the way of armor. They shun anything that would impede their ability to move into position and make necessary repairs quickly. Their repairs can be miraculous, and many battles have been turned at the point of defeat by the reappearance of a warjack thought to have been destroyed just moments earlier[1]

A mechanik’s pockets, pouches, and satchels overflow with extra parts and tools.Any self-respecting field mechanik can never have enough gear, as not having a single specific piece might mean disaster for hundreds of soldiers. This is why they keep company with the ever-present and ever-willing gobber bodgers. Gobbers love to tinker—no matter what, where, or how. They earn a pittance for the dangers they endure to carry extra parts and tools for their crew chiefs, but to them the adventure and excitement of the work is at least half its reward.[1]

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