The Grenadier is a light warjack used by the forces of Cygnar. Tempered in the relentless firefights and waterlogged trenches riddling the front lines, the Grenadier has proven a worthy addition to the battlefield. Since being introduced early in the Llaelese War, it quickly became a welcome companion to any trencher unit in a forward position. Production was quickly ramped up, making use of the easier-to-produce parts first designed for the more expensive and limited Hunter. The combined power of this warjack and trencher forces working in unison presents a devastating partnership. Wielding a massive mattock, the Grenadier easily tears up great clods of earth to dig makeshift emplacements, and its low profile makes for a hard target when it is nestled into a rough and muddy pit amid the farrow spikes and foxholes.[1]

The Grenadier’s most potent weapon is its grenade launcher, which can rapidly lob deadly shells across the battlefield. While the ’jack zeroes in on multiple targets, fire teams feed grenades into the launcher until their fingers burn with heat and effort. Enemies who survive the barrage may experience a brief moment of silence, but the reprieve ends with the roaring battle cry of valiant trenchers charging through mud and blood to close in for the kill.[1]

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