The Hunter is a Cygnaran warjack designed seek out and destroy enemy warjacks. Swift and maneuverable, it is effective at crippling enemy ’jacks before they even have the opportunity to engage Cygnaran forces. The agile machine is able to traverse most terrain with ease to gain the perfect vantage point from which to deliver supremely accurate armor-piercing firepower.[1]

To increase speed and agility the hunter is fitted with plating only in its most vulnerable locations, with armor coverage elsewhere that is mediocre at best. Additionally, the streamlined armor is carefully molded to the contours of the chassis, reducing the warjack’s target silhouette and increasing the ease with which it can navigate difficult environments such as woodlands or swampy ground. As the initial armor was found to be lacking the armor plating was later increased in thickness and a reserve pressure tank was installed to provide a short boost of speed when needed to make up for the lost agility. [2]

A sterling example of a mobile firing platform, the Hunter is armed with a precision made high-velocity cannon known as a long arm. This cannon is uncannily accurate and fires alchemically hardened steel-alloy ammunition with a disproportionately powerful propellant charge that can punch through the thickest armor, allowing the Hunter to engage and potentially disable the heaviest warjacks on the field. The axe it carries is less weapon than tool, primarily used for clearing obstacles and brush, but it can be brought to bear against enemies in close quarters when necessary.[1][2]

The Hunter boasts additional specialized features to better fill its role in battle. First, it is equipped with the Augmented Cortex Receiver, a device that enables it to register its warcaster’s directives at almost twice the normal distance. The ACR makes the Hunter its warcaster’s most distant eyes and ears in battle, enabling it to scout far ahead of the rest of the battlegroup and provide valuable information for the warcaster commander. Nearly as innovative are the warjack’s upgraded joint and gyroscope components, which give the machine unparalleled mobility in even the roughest of terrain. This ability allows the Hunter to take full advantage of both its ACR and its potent long-range cannon.[1]

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