Journeyman warcaster

Journeyman Warcaster in battle

Journeyman Warcasters are Cygnaran warcasters in training. The tales of warcaster accomplishments have brought many hopefuls to the Strategic Academy of Cygnar to see if they have the spark. It is difficult to predict who will manifest the ability to meld the mind with a warjack cortex. Those who prove promising begin training with veterans of the warcaster discipline in the hopes of unlocking their potential. Finding new warcasters is one of the kingdom’s highest priorities.[1][2]

Becoming a warcaster requires a soldier to reinvent himself. Many fresh warcasters have already served for years before realizing their ability to sense cortexes and must work hard to master these new skills. Beginning as apprentices, they control labor-exclusive steamjacks. Soon they move to disarmed warjacks and eventually earn the right to command a warjack—albeit typically an old or battered one—when reaching journeyman rank. As part of a tradition as old as the Strategic Academy, each journeyman spends a tour of duty under the tutelage of a veteran warcaster before graduating to the title of magus. In a time of war, this means journeymen must learn vital lessons while evading death, and some will not survive the tour. New warcasters are juicy targets of opportunity, and enemies seek to kill them before they can mature into greater threats. As they develop they become great assets, fighting alongside their mentors and learning to become leaders of men and machines. Some mentors wince at allowing a rookie to command a six-ton powerhouse with lives on the line, but most know it is a crucial step in their development. Only the heat of battle burns hot enough to forge even the strongest talents into accomplished warcasters.[2][3]

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