The Lancer is a light warjack used by Cygnar based on the Charger chassis. The development of the arc node and its precursor, the arcantrik relay, is among the most significant advances in modern warfare. A device of unquestionable utility, the arc node enables a warcaster to extend his arcane reach across the battlefield. For years before the creation of the Lancer, Cygnaran warcasters lamented the lack of a proper chassis to support this arcane relay. Cygnaran mechaniks had pioneered the field with such ’jack designs as the Javelin used in the Thornwood War and the Arcane of later years, but neither of these performed adequately. After several decisive Cryxian victories along Cygnar’s western coast, King Leto pressured Warmaster General Turpin to heed the warcasters’ assessment and challenged the Royal Cygnaran University to provide a better platform for the costly arc node.[1]

Adapted from the reliable Charger chassis but developed with an emphasis on defense and survivability, the Lancer is a rugged yet agile masterpiece. The machine’s main weapon is a heavy spear designed to keep adversaries at bay, and its sturdy shield generates a shock field capable of burning out a warjack cortex on contact. These innovations are the basis for what most Cygnaran warcasters consider to be the most valued light warjack in the Cygnaran arsenal.[1]

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