Long Gunner officer and Standard

Officer and Standard bearer in the battlefront

A Long Gunner Officer lends confidence and experience to any group of riflemen lucky enough to serve with him. Respect for these men is quickly earned; most are seasoned soldiers promoted to command in the field. These lieutenants and captains are experts in the tactics of their unit and ensure that their soldiers are drilled in specific firing sequences to allow for complex maneuvers in the midst of a frantic battle. Peppering tactical points on the battlefield with a barrage of gunfire, long gunners are drilled to fire and fall back from the enemy when the need arises, covering their repositioning with the coordinated bark of rifle fire. Anyone trying to draw close to a formation of long gunners often earns a blackpenny in the forehead for his troubles.[1]

Close by the officer is the platoon or company’s Standard Bearer, a courageous enlisted soldier chosen to walk into battle with a blade and a banner rather than a rifle. Shouting battle cries, the standard bearer keeps morale high and serves as a stalwart example to fellow gunners. Should he or she fall, another will take her place, eager to keep the ranks rallied.[1]

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