Morghoul is one of the most dangerous skorne currently alive. A master Paingiver, he has left behind hundreds of dead corpses throughout his career.

Morghoul, like all skorne paingivers, gave up his house loyalties to pursue a higher path. Rising quickly through the ranks of his caste, Morghoul cemented his reputation as a master of torture when he was contracted by the domina of house Vokuul to unravel any plots against her rule. When Morghoul's work was finished, the domina had to apoint a new heir, but, although her own children were dead, she did not care: she had obtained complete loyalty from the members of her house.

When Vinter attacked, the domina ordered Morghoul to help in driving off the invaders, but Morghoul refused, claiming that the work he was contracted for was finished, and that he no longer had to do anything the domina asked of him. After the Vokuul were conquered, Morghoul presented himself to Vinter, offering his services as master tormentor to the new Archdominar. Vinter accepted, seeing the use Morghoul would be in keeping the houses in order.

When Vinter left with his expedition to conquer Corvis, Morghoul was among the first to discover the Tyrants plots to overthrow the unified government. Making use of the tunnels and sewers of Halaak, Morghoul stalked the Tyrants and their retainers for weeks, torturing those whom he suspected were in possession of information, leaving behind him hundreds of skorne corpses. The fear he inspired in the Tyrants and Dominars eventually became so great that they sealed themselves within their houses and unleashed their most skilled assassins to stop Morghoul's rampage; all failed, their corpses appearing in the gutters and across the rooftops.

When Vinter returned, Morghoul met up with him on the way, revealing what he had discovered; the Tyrants plot, whom supported them, and all the hidden paths into the capital. Thus began Vinter's "Second Unification" which ended with the deaths of all those whom had sought to betray him at Morghoul's hands.

When Vinter dispatched Makeda to conquer the nations of western Immoren, he sent Morghoul with the army to ensure their loyalty through the fear the Paingiver inspired in the troops.

In 607 AR, all would change though. Morghoul was given conflicting orders by both Makeda and Vinter; Makeda "requesting" that Morghoul find out wether Lord Tyrant Hexeris and Supreme Aptimus Zaal were conspiring against her, whilst Vinter demanded that Morghoul find out if Magnus was planing to betray him.

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