Omnipotent is a rank within the Circle Orboros, and denotes the owner of the title as one of the leaders of the Circle. There are only three Omnipotents at any one time, and if one was to die the title is immediatly passed on.

What follows below is a list of the known Omnipotents of the Circle.

Ergonus: (?-606 AR) Ergonus was one of the most recent holders of the rank of Omnipotent, and the only other druid within the Circle Orboros whom Krueger the Stormwrath respected. Ergonus met his end when he tried to assassinate Madrak Ironhide for refusing to aid the Circle against the Legion of Everblight.

Lortus: Ergonus succesor and the Watcher of Blighterghast. Lortus came into his power following Ergonus death at the hands of the Trollbloods. Lortus seems to be much more levelheaded then his predecesor.

Dahlekov: Dahlekov controls the majority of the Wolves of Orboros, the Circles main fighting force. He comes across as condesending to his subordinates.

Mohsar: Also known as the Desertwalker, Mohsar is the Omnipotent of whom the least is known. Morvahna the Autumnblade seems to have his ear however, or so she claims.

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