Rhyas Shyvess is a Nyss warlock of the Legion of Everblight. Once known as the Sigil of Everblight, she and her sister Saeryn are now known as the Talons of Everblight. Rhyas was once responsible for the Legion’s swordsmen and legionnaires but this task has largely fallen to Kryssa as Saeryn and Rhyas now operate independently from the Legion after going against the wishes of Everblight during the Great Hunt. However the sisters are still loyal to the dragon and serve him from a distance. [1]

History Edit

Rhyas and her twin sister Saeryn were born to the remote Shyvess who were considered insular even among the Nyss. The twins share a soul and the bond amplifies their power and sharpens their shared awareness. Among the twins Rhyas was the more bold and brutal, as swift and deadly with a blade as her sister was with her mind.[2]

The Sigil of Everblight Edit

Rhyas 1

The Sigil of Everblight displaying her deadly skills with her personal sword Antiphon.

With the arrival of the dragon Rhyas and Saeryn determined their people were better off dead than enslaved and corrupted. Rhyas coldly cut down those who had raised her while evading their attacks, deliberately freezing her heart against their pleas, assured by the mental bond she shared with her sister that this killing was necessary. When Thagrosh hearing of twins from Vayl arrived he only saw the massacred Nyss before the twins lying waiting attacked him. Rhyas’ speed and skill as well as the did the a twins wordlessly coordinated their movements took Thagrosh entirely by surprise.[2]

Just as Rhyas was about to decapitate Thagrosh , Saeryn stopped her. After letting Thagrosh know how close he had come to death, Saeryn offered up both herself and Rhyas to the Prophet. She said she had foreseen the coming of Everblight and knew her own crucial role in the events to come.[2]

Rhyas did not perceive her sister’s plans despite their ability to share thoughts with eachother. Her absolute trust and faith in Saeryn led her to accept Everblight’s athanc fragment. While she has no doubts or guilt over her actions she sometimes wonder at the fact that her sister was able to withhold some small part of her mind and now Saeryn can keep secrets from her. Rhyas does not dwell upon this fact either and instead she delights in the simplicity of bloodshed and the pure art of slaughter. Rhyas also had the honor of dealing the killing blow to the dragon Pyromalfic.[2]

Talons of Everblight Edit

References Edit

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