Shredders in the fields

The creatures now called Shredders were known as the akriel by Everblight in ancient times. They are the simplest of the spawn that arise from the blood of those chosen to bear the dragon’s divided athanc. Compelled by ravenous hunger and murderous instinct, shredders are fearsomely effective at latching onto and devouring any foe unfortunate enough to confront them.[1]

Shredders grow to full size with unnatural speed, and their escalating appetites drive them to add to their mass using whatever flesh they can consume. Their metabolism goes into frenzied overdrive upon maturity: the more they eat, the more frenetic they become, and still their appetite pushes them to gorge. Shredders are naturally prone to cannibalism and in moments of frenzy might attempt to consume others of their ilk. This impulse can usually be controlled with some success, however, and shredders fight well in packs that swarm their hapless victims and tear them apart.[1]

As with all dragonspawn, shredders are blind. Their heads consist mostly of toothy, unhinged maws capable of tearing large chunks of flesh from their enemies. Shredders make up for their lack of eyes with other hyperaware senses, including a preternaturally sensitive nose and skin that registers subtle changes in air pressure from sound and movement.[1]

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