Silver Line Stormguard

Stormguards of the Silver Line using their advanced galvanic weapons

Silver Line Stormguards are members of the new Silver Line Stormguard Company. When the Cygnaran Second Army retreated from Sul, it had many wounded to transport, and squads of Stormguard were deployed to protect the injured as they fled back into Caspia. The Protectorate harried the retreating wounded with squads of Flameguard Cleansers, the torturous fires of their purifiers licking at the heels of the Cygnarans. Three squads of Stormguard broke off to forestall the enemy, pitting lightning against fire in a desperate battle. These brave Storm Knights suffered heavy casualties but were successful in driving back the Protectorate forces long enough to ensure escape for the retreating wounded.The surviving members of the Stormguard emerged from the battle scorched but unbroken, the Cygnaran blue of their armor burnt away to reveal the bare metal beneath. These brave Stormguard presented the Cygnaran military with a unique opportunity: in addition to honoring these men for their service, they were given the privilege of forming the core of a new Stormguard company, the Silver Line.[1]

The Silver Line Stormguard Company is equipped with polished steel armor in honor of their original members. To facilitate its more defensive role, its recruits are armed with thunder halberds, mechanika polearms based on the more common voltaic halberds. These weapons can unleash devastating gravimetric energy when striking, potent enough to knock a heavy warjack to the ground. In addition, the armor of a Silver Line Stormguard is fitted with a kinetic generator that can produce a wall of energy to slow enemy troops, blunting even the most determined charge. The Silver Line sergeant carries a thunder halberd that incorporates an electrostatic nexus in its head. Strikes from the units’ thunder halberds feed energy into the electrostatic generator, allowing the Silver Line sergeant to unleash an electromagnetic burst that turns enemies into living lightning rods, making them far more susceptible to the lightning attacks of Cygnar’s deadly storm tech.[1]

The Silver Line Stormguard serves in a primarily defensive or support role and is often deployed to hold key positions, to work with more traditional Storm Knights to increase the efficacy of their lightning attacks, or to serve as the unassailable center of a Stormguard line.[1]

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