Storm Lances

A storm lancer charge towards enemies of Cygnar

The earth-shuddering charge of Storm Lances is an awe-inspiring vision of might and precision in motion. The knights pound into the enemy without hesitation, bound within a corona of crackling energy. The rippling surge of thundering hooves and weaponry shifts like a living thing while bolts of electrical power arc into enemy forces.[1]

Even when faced with massive opposition, the Storm Lance knight fearlessly urges his mount into the midst of combat. He crushes enemy soldiers beneath deadly hooves and impales metal-clad combatants on his lance, using its galvanically charged blade to cut down men and machines alike. His reach extends even beyond the length of the weapon he wields; a discharging lance can strike at a distance to rip through troops with deadly effectiveness. A well-timed Storm Lance assault leaves the enemy reeling from the blasts even as the knights crash into their line to furiously ride them down. There is little stalking the battlefields of the Iron Kingdoms that can withstand a Storm Lance assault, whether the foe is living, undead, or mechanikal. With pride the Storm Lances stand true to their mission: to loose the wrath of the storm upon Cygnar’s enemies without mercy.[1]


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