Stormblade Infantry

Stormblades charge

Stormblade Infantry
are ready to face insurmountable odds and wield the most advanced mechanika Cygnar has to offer. Part of an initiative begun by Warmaster General Leto Raelthorne in the years before he seized the crown from his brother, these heavily armored soldiers were each handpicked to become knights of storm. They have become the finest fighting men serving the king, supplementing ancient martial tradition with state-of-the-art weaponry.[1]

Each storm glaive wielded by these knights is an ingenious weapon that combines the Caspian enthusiasm for swordplay with powerful mechanikal storm technology. The blade, forged to exacting specifications, contains a lattice of conductive materials to direct and regulate the flow of electrical energies from its storm chamber. In trained hands, a storm glaive sends lightning to blast enemies at a distance.[1]

Each Stormblade sergeant carries a modified storm glaive specifically designed to work in synergy with the glaives of the unit and capable of conducting electrical surges. While wielding this weapon, the sergeant becomes the heart of an electrical storm that feeds on and augments the energy of each glaive around it.[1]

A Stormblade’s armor insulates against the deadly fingers of energy that arc from one member of the unit to the next. In combat Stormblades are surrounded by a nimbus of flashing lightning, a sight that represents a fearsome presage of the future of Cygnaran warfare.[1]

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