Storm Gunner

Storm Gunners are Stormblades that carry the Storm Thrower. The signature armament of Cygnar’s Stormblades, the storm glaive is one of the best-known mechanikal weapons in all the Iron Kingdoms. It is primarily intended as a close combat weapon, though, despite the short-ranged electrical discharges it is capable of firing. A further shortcoming of the storm glaive’s blast is its inaccuracy, which leaves Stormblade units vulnerable to enemy gunfire and other long-range threats. In response to these issues, Cygnar’s arcane mechaniks devised the storm thrower both to provide storm knights with covering fire and to enhance the accuracy of storm glaive blasts.[1]

A unit of Stormblades becomes exponentially more lethal when accompanied by one or more storm gunners. The storm thrower that each gunner carries is a complex weapon designed to interact with and complement the standard equipment of Stormblade knights. These bolts of mechanikally generated electricity act as channels for the storm glaive attacks of the rest of the unit, drawing their blasts unerringly toward the target. A foe who survives an initial storm thrower bolt will find no reprieve as Stormblade weapons fire white lightning into him over and over again.[1]

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