Stormsmith Grenadiers

Stormsmiths in combat with storm grenades

Stormsmith Grenadiers are Stormsmiths of Cygnar that use Storm Grenades in battle. Cygnar’s stormsmiths do not balk at the strange and sometimes hazardous mechanikal innovations conceived by the brilliant mind of Artificer General Sebastian Nemo. These men and women embrace such lightning-spewing creations with the same enthusiasm and curiosity that first drew them to the stormsmithing arts.[1]

The weapons of the stormsmith grenadiers grew out of extensive field tests initiated in 608 AR. Stormsmiths performed experiments using modified versions of the storm chamber that powers Cygnar’s galvanic technology to produce potent voltaic fields before burning out in a flash of man-made lightning. Modulators integrated into these volatile storm chambers allowed the voltaic fields to take on different properties of electromagnetism and kinetic force. By calibrating their weapons to the situation, teams of grenadiers are suited for numerous battlefield roles, such as point-target elimination and area-denial to enemy forces. To protect these valuable assets from the travails of close engagements—and to protect their fellow soldiers from the danger of an accidental discharge should an errant round strike one of their fragile grenades—stormsmith grenadiers wear mechanikally augmented suits that produce a charged field of force to deflect small-arms fire.[1]

Since the initial field tests and subsequent development, Cygnar has steadily increased the number of new stormsmith grenadiers trained each year. Trainees are chosen from stormsmiths who have a proven aptitude for frontline engagements. Recruits are given further instruction by trencher drill sergeants who harden them to their new role fighting alongside more traditional military units at the fore of battle.[1]

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