Sword Knight Officer and Standard

Sword Knight Officer and his standard

Sword knight Officers
carry forward the proud tradition of their order, proving in every battle that some methods of waging war never become obsolete. These warriors fight unrestrained by reliance on charged accumulators, storm chambers, or mechanikally insulated armor; they require nothing but a stout shield, a sharp blade, and their amazing skill. No man wearing the Cygnus can compare with these senior knights when it comes to coordinating focused and devastating strikes that tear apart rushing warjacks or hulking warbeasts with surpassing ease.[1]

Most sword knight companies serve alongside other heavy infantry, but several battalions in each army remain composed solely of sword knights, led by a major with decades of decorated service to the crown. The men holding these esteemed ranks descend from the noble blood of the ruling families comprising the Royal Assembly. They are masters of the Caspian battle blade, their skills shaped by uncompromising instructors and honed in war. Years of experience fighting and leading knights has given these officers tremendous insight into the best way to direct their soldiers and ’jacks in battle, allowing their complex and precisely timed maneuvers to bring untold destruction to the enemy.[1]

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