Sword Kinghts

Sword Knights fighting enemy beasts

Sword Knights are one of the cornerstones of Cygnar’s armies. Among the oldest of the knightly orders in western Immoren, each knight is the inheritor of an illustrious legacy marked by faith, service, and courage in defense of crown and country. Whereas some modern orders carry advanced mechanika, sword knights fight with the same weapons and armor they have borne for centuries—a testament to their deadly prowess.[1]

Sword knights are masters of the Caspian battle blade. Every knight practices tirelessly with the weapon until it becomes an extension of his mind and body. Upon a knight’s acceptance into this order, two swords are bestowed upon him: the battle blade that will serve as his weapon, and a ceremonial blade to be kept with him at all times. He is expected to maintain this second weapon throughout his life, though it is never to be drawn in battle. Upon a valiant knight’s death, the ornamental blade is buried alongside him to keep him safe in the wilds of Urcaen.[1]

For centuries the Royal Sword Knights have served Cygnar, keeping the countryside free of brigands and rampaging beasts. Since the advent of the warjack, these knights have adapted their time-honored tactics to deal with monsters of metal as well as flesh. Trained to fight against as well as alongside warjacks, knights are expected to learn their inner workings. This knowledge enables the knight to inflict considerable damage by targeting a warjack’s most vulnerable points.[1]

Sword knights reach their full fighting potential when accompanied by warjacks in battle. Well versed in warjack maneuvers, they use their massive counterparts to spearhead daring advances, and they flank the ’jacks as they make their way across the battlefield, felling any enemy within striking range of the knights’ cleaving blades.[1]

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