Tempest Blazers

Tempest Blazers are the cavalry of the Militant Order of the Arcane Tempest. Few sounds inspire patriotism in a faltering Cygnaran line like the thunder of hooves coupled with the sharp report and glow of arcane gunfire. As the premier light cavalry division of the Militant Order of the Arcane Tempest, the Tempest Blazers traverse the battlefield at great speeds, leveling their magelock pistols to unleash devastating volleys on those who threaten the crown.[1]

A small number of Tempest Academy initiates who score highly for cavalry aptitude are invited to train with both gun mage instructors and light cavalry drill sergeants from the Cygnaran Reconnaissance Service. Lessons range from crafting rune shot to the implementation of cavalry tactics. Their steeds are drawn from the swiftest and most durable stock, including Cardovars imported from southern Ord, and are viewed by the riders as an extension of themselves.[1]

With practiced hands, these gunslingers can adroitly select the proper rune bullets to reload even at a full gallop amid the chaos of battle. Their role forces them to be ready to reposition at a moment’s notice and requires focused concentration and discipline. While they excel at hit-and-run tactics, the Tempest Blazers have no qualms about snapping off point-blank shots at any who close with them.[1]

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