Trench Buster

Ogrun Trench Buster protecting a wounded trencher

Trench Busters are Cygnaran Ogrun in the service of Trencher corps. Valued for their size, strength, and courage, ogrun make natural trenchers. Those who enlist bypass the customary physical screening process to begin immediate training for one of several ogrun specific roles, the most famed being the trench busters. Akin to mobile artillery, trench busters cover the advance of other trenchers in the field. With shields as heavy as they are broad and grenade launchers with enough kick to dislocate a human shoulder, these brave souls cross no man’s land under a hail of gunfire to obscure the enemy’s view with explosive smoke bombs. Trench busters wade into the fight to skewer foes with bayonets while using their massive shields to protect allies from incoming mortar and bombard fire.[1]

Ogrun trench busters make the safety of their fellow trenchers their personal responsibility, their pride as warriors compelling them to volunteer for the most difficult assignments and remain on the battlefield past the endurance of all others. Ogrun loyalty is such that their comrades quickly abandon any uncertainty about serving alongside a towering wall of armored muscle. Just as young ogrun bokurs often vow lifelong service to a korune, ogrun trench busters bond with their assigned company and are never transferred. Trench busters record the legacy of their company in tattoos and frequently retold stories. Such an ogrun has a more accurate account of a company’s recent history on his skin than exists in any history book. On the battlefield and off, trench busters embody trencher pride.[1]

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