Commando Scattergunner

A Commando unleashes a powerful blast from his scattergun

Scattergunners are Cygnaran Trencher Commandos armed with the powerful scattergun. The dangerous task of clearing the enemy’s advance positions invariably falls to the trencher commandos. Such bases overlook the deadliest kill zones of no man’s land and bristle with vicious barbed wire, emplaced guns, and quick-shot sentries. Even the commandos, masters of covert operations, are hard pressed to neutralize these fortified concentrations of enemy troopers with their standard-issue carbines and grenades. It is in precisely such situations that scatterguns show their value.[1]

Every trencher commando receives instruction in the use of a scattergun as part of his training, though each platoon is issued only a few of the powerful-but-cumbersome weapons. Cygnaran commandos use a variety of scatterguns but the Bannfield Model 515 Smoothbore is the most common. Scatterguns used by the commandos are open choke, causing a wide dispersal of shot but limiting the effective range to approximately twenty yards. When the squad reaches an entrenched enemy position, the scattergunners prepare for action. In a synchronized effort, the bulk of the commandos overrun the position and cut down the sentries while the scattergunners fire into concentrations of the enemy. They fire blasts of grapeshot which are extremely lethal in the close confines of a trench, and few survive the disfiguring wounds. [1][2]

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