Rifle Grenadiers

A grenadier preparing to fire a grenade

Rifle Grenadiers
are Trenchers who are armed with Rifle Grenades. Explosive grenades have been in use by Cygnar for decades, but the traditionally heavy and unwieldy weapons have significant drawbacks. Old grenades relied on a gear-based timing mechanism that was easily damaged in transit or when the weapon was thrown. Frequently the mix of blasting powders would explode early and tear a hapless soldier apart. The trenchers were content with their simple but effective smoke grenades and relied on their military rifles and bayonets to do the killing.[1]

Improvements by demolitions engineers at Point Bourne have provided a simple and elegant solution. The design incorporates an extension attachment that allows the grenades to be affixed to the barrel of a rifle. The weapon makes use of rapidly expanding gases from combustion to launch the grenade at a surprising range. Smaller and sleeker than their forebears, these grenades utilize a small quantity of fine-grade blasting powders and rely on an impact trigger to mix the powders and provide a highly reliable explosion of flesh- and armor-tearing shrapnel. The grenades are extremely efficient and pack a tremendous punch.[1]

Grenadiers are selected from among trenchers with an interest in demolitions and are then thoroughly trained in the safe assembly and preparation of these explosive devices. Once the grenades are primed and ready, grenadiers can unleash considerable firepower against their enemies on the front lines, especially where they encounter tightly packed formations of lightly armored enemy infantry.[1]

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