When Major Markus “Seige” Brisbane brought low the walls of Sul, he wrote his name into history. He carefully sought out the weakest parts of those massive fortifications and orchestrated a ceaseless barrage of ordnance using an arsenal of Defenders and other Cygnaran artillery. During the protracted attack, Siege came to know the idiosyncrasies of his warjacks well. One Defender in particular showed an extraordinary aptitude for targeting the most vulnerable spots in enemy defenses, almost as if by instinct. Siege came to trust the innate capabilities of this ’jack and soon allowed it to select its own targets, freeing himself to concentrate on other matters in the heat of battle. Whenever he returned his attention to the machine, he found it responded readily and quickly to his mental directives, requiring almost no effort on his part.[1]

Siege’s appreciation for the warjack he eventually named Triumph only grew throughout the campaign. In the aftermath of the Menite withdrawal from Caspia, he made use of his limited time on leave to draft plans for numerous improvements to his favored warjack. The warcaster worked closely with some of the finest arcane mechaniks of the Cygnaran Armory to realize his vision, and soon he had an ideal warjack outfitted to his specifications. Now armed with a heavy assault shield, Triumph was able to withstand incoming fire with near impunity as it moved into position. The crowning achievement of Siege’s upgrades was Triumph’s new sighting system, which links the cortex directly to a scope integrated into the warjack’s cannon.[1]

In late 608 AR, the limits of Triumph’s durability were discovered when Siege was attacked by the Butcher of Khardov during the brief alliance between Cygnar and Khador in the Thornwood. Ignorant of the nature of this alliance, the Butcher attacked and demolished Triumph and then almost killed Siege, taking the severely wounded warcaster into his custody. As soon as Major Brisbane was rescued and returned to the army, he arranged for Triumph to be recovered and rebuilt. Since that day, the warjack has proven to be even more protective than before, quite willing to put itself in harm’s way to prevent injury to Siege or others under his command.[1]

Siege rarely goes into battle without Triumph. Given his preference for the use of precision ordnance, he has equipped Triumph with mechanikal ammunition receptive to the warcaster’s explosive power. This combination of arcane firepower and protective shielding allows Triumph to bring the fight to the heart of the battlefield, assailing even the most heavily defended positions with a rain of shells.[1]

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