Venator Reivers

Team of Reivers fighting within a burning forest

Venator Reivers are Skorne Venators armed with the deadly Reiver that unleash a hail of needles at the enemy. Skorne military tactics once focused exclusively on closing quickly and butchering the enemy in melee and the earliest skorne ranged weapons were large and clumsy, designed to bring down the walls of rival houses and slay oversized beasts. However over the last century the tyrants have learned the power of a combined-arms approach. Vinter Raelthorne was well versed in these lessons and encouraged the recruitment and training of large numbers of Venators to operate the reivers of his invading army.[1]

The lowest-ranking Venators are the armigers and are led by a dakar and organized into small groups called taberna. In addition to learning how to operate their reivers, Venators also train extensively in the art of swordplay. Mastering the heavy, gas-driven reivers requires skill and finesse. While Venators are placed in the warrior caste hierarchy below Praetorians due to the stipulations of hoksune, these disciplined combatants have begun to earn more respect on the field of battle. Reivers employ cylinders of explosive gas to propel needles out of a spinning cone, creating a loud, eerie metallic buzzing caused by the weapon’s unique internal mechanisms. Venators always carry several gas canisters and needle-filled cones with them into battle simplifying the reloading process. Reivers unleash screaming barrages of razor sharp projectiles that disintegrate flesh, rend metal and leave victims begging for release from their agony.[1]

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