Warcasters are powerful arcanists born with the innate ability to mentally contact and control the cortexes within steamjacks. Their intuitive connection to the arcane also enables them to bond with other mechanikal devices, providing vessels for their channeled power.Few in number, warcasters are much sought after by the militaries of the Iron Kingdoms for their martial and magical prowess.[1]

Most warcasters begin experiencing extraordinary perception of the world before they realize the nature of their gift. Their senses begin to awaken to the flows of mystical energy around them, and some may start to feel a strange sensation near advanced mechanika as their minds detect the energy moving through conduits and runic formulae. Such power can lie dormant for a lifetime and only through rigorous training and mentoring can a warcaster’s potential be fully unlocked. Developing these skills requires tutelage that is nearly impossible to find outside of a kingdom’s military or one of the major mercenary companies where a fledgling warcaster can find a mentor capable of instructing him in the finer points of controlling his power. While not all who have this ability are eager to join the military, warcasters enjoy a revered station in any army. The militaries of the Iron Kingdoms expend considerable resources to equip their warcasters with steam-powered and mechanically augmented Warcaster armor, which affords them far better protection than most soldiers of similar rank.[1]

The presence of a single warcaster can turn the tide of a battle. Even the most powerful and sophisticated warjack can perform only a limited number of combat functions under the guidance of a ’jack marshal, but a warcaster can command warjacks like finely tuned instruments of war, often controlling many of the devastating machines simultaneously. Due to the tremendous powers they harness and the importance of their role, each nation’s warcasters seem larger than life to its citizens who most often do not understand the difficulty of their jobs and the stresses under which they operate. The more famous warcasters are known by name across their kingdoms and are treated as heroes.[1]

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